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How do I add another driver?

Our online adjustment form is available to add another driver to your policy, provided the following statements are true:

The proposed driver:

  • must have a full, provisional or automatic UK driving licence, or an EU or other European licence
  • does not have a disability or medical condition that needs to be disclosed to the DVLA
  • does not have any motoring/non-motoring convictions, or any pending prosecutions that are not spent under the rehabilitation of offenders act 1974
  • only requires the following use of the vehicle "Social Domestic & Pleasure (excluding commuting)"
  • does not have any accidents or claims, regardless of blame, within the last 5 years
  • must not have ever been refused insurance or had any special terms imposed on previous insurance policies

If the additional driver has had any accidents, claims, convictions, or has a notifiable disability or medical condition that hasn't been disclosed to the DVLA, you will need to contact us by telephone. Our Customer Services Helpline number is 0845 373 0014.


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