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The American Express car insurance glossary contains the following terms

Additional occupation

For example, working evenings in a public house or working as a sales representative on the weekends.

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Access to any other vehicles

This is when you or any proposed drivers have any use of another vehicle.

  • You could own another car
  • You could be a named driver on another insurance policy
  • You could have access to a company car within working hours
  • You could have daily access to a company car with social domestic and pleasure use
  • You could have access to a van
  • You could have access to a motorcycle.

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Business use

This is use by the policyholder for their own business to travel to more than one place of work and between places of work.

online car insurance does not provide cover if the car is used for any form of selling, soliciting for orders or for the collection of monies. If you want to arrange this cover, you can contact us on , where one of our experienced sales advisors will be able to help.

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  • Third Party Fire and Theft cover - This covers your liability for death or bodily injury to a third party (including other occupants of your vehicle) and your liability for damage to third party property, and the risk of fire and theft in connection with your vehicle in accordance with relevant insurance policy terms. Some insurers will provide cover for the contents of the vehicle and details will be provided with your online quote. Audio equipment cover is provided with a number of insurers and details will be provided with your online quotation.
  • Comprehensive cover - This includes the Third Party Fire and Theft cover, as well as loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by accidental or malicious damage. Comprehensive cover usually includes some personal accident benefit in respect of personal injury to you or your death (please refer to your policy terms for details). Theft cover for the contents of your vehicle is provided by most insurers but only to a specified amount and subject to policy terms. Details will be shown with your online quotation. Audio equipment cover is provided by most insurers and full details will be provided with your online quotation.

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Disabilities or medical conditions

Certain disabilities or medical conditions will need to be notified to the DVLA, as they may affect your or any named drivers' ability to drive.

The DVLA must be informed if you/they have any of the following:

  • an epileptic event (seizure or fit)
  • sudden attacks of disabling giddiness, fainting or blackouts
  • severe mental handicap
  • a pacemaker, defibrillator or anti-ventricular tachycardia device fitted
  • diabetes controlled by insulin
  • diabetes controlled by tablets
  • a serious problem with memory
  • a major or minor stroke
  • any type of brain surgery, brain tumour, severe head injury involving in-patient treatment at hospital
  • any severe psychiatric illness or mental disorder
  • continuing/permanent difficulty in the use of arms or legs which affects your/their ability to control a vehicle
  • dependence on or misuse of alcohol, illicit drugs or chemical substances in the past 3 years (this does not include drink driving offences)
  • any visual disability which affects BOTH eyes (no need to declare short/long sight or colour blindness)

If you require any further assistance, please read the DVLA medical rules.

Although we are currently unable to offer a quotation for disabilities or medical conditions online, if you contact us on 0844 463 2686, one of our insurance sales advisors will take down all relevant details and find you the most competitive quotation.

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This is the first part of each and every claim which you (not your insurer) must pay. There are two types of excess:

  • A compulsory excess - This is an excess that has been applied as a requirement by your insurer and will vary according to your personal circumstances and the terms of cover provided. A compulsory excess may be required if you drive a particular vehicle or you have inexperienced drivers on your policy. There is also a compulsory excess for fire, theft or windscreen claims.
  • A voluntary excess - This will apply where you agree with your insurer to pay a greater part of each claim, in addition to your compulsory excess. A voluntary excess can be increased or decreased at your request during your online quotation and it may affect your premium.

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Foreign use

All motor insurance policies we offer online provide the minimum cover you require to drive in any of the EU countries.

To extend your normal policy cover for the purpose of travel within the EU you will need a Green Card. This maybe included free of charge (in any one period of insurance), please see your online quotation for further details.

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There are two types of immobiliser:

  • Manual immobiliser - This is usually placed on the steering wheel of your vehicle e.g. Krooklok.
  • Electronic immobiliser - This disables the engine of your vehicle. Some newer vehicles have these factory fitted by the manufacturer and these are normally shown within your vehicle brochure. It is also possible to have these immobilisers fitted by a garage or specialist, who would supply a certificate of installation detailing the exact model of your vehicles immobiliser. A copy of your certificate may be required.

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Material fact(s)

Material facts are those that the insurer would regard as likely to influence the acceptance and assessment of this application. If you are in any doubt about whether facts are considered material, you should disclose them. We will be happy to give you advice if you wish.

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This is when the vehicle's engine, suspension or body has been altered in any way. Vehicles fitted with special equipment or apparatus will also fall into this category.

The most common modifications are alloy wheels, spoiler, sunroof and any performance enhancements.

Examples of special equipment or apparatus would be winches, hoists or compressors fitted to the vehicle.

Please note that the above lists are not exhaustive.

Although we are currently unable to offer a quotation for modifications online, if you contact us on 0844 463 2686 one of our insurance sales advisors will take down all the relevant details and find you the most competitive quotation.

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Motor legal expenses cover

This additional cover (Motor Protection Plan Plus) will protect you if you incur any uninsured losses as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault. Losses which are uninsured may include loss of earnings, personal injury, loss or damage to personal property and excesses under a comprehensive policy. Cover includes a replacement car facility, credit repair and vehicle recovery within the United Kingdom.

Motor Protection Plan Plus also includes a hire car facility (for a period of up to 72 hours subject to availability and terms).

This is a summary of the cover that is available. If you require further details, please click here to view our optional extra.

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Protected No Claims Bonus (NCB)

This will allow you to make a certain number of claims arising from your own error or fault without affecting your no-claims discount. Please refer to your policy wording for full details.

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Social, domestic and pleasure use

You can choose to include commuting which will provide cover to and from one place of work.

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Tracking device

This is a device which enables the police to locate your vehicle if it is stolen. Some newer vehicles may have this device installed by the manufacturer. However, this is normally a facility which you are required to subscribe to on an annual basis.

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